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Sandstone, trees and river #4

Sandstone, trees and river, Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona

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The story behind this image

We're still in the West Fork of Oak Creek, near Sedona Arizona, and my wife Liz and I have got as far as possible along the trail before having to wade along the river.

We've hiked about four miles from the trailhead - I know that doesn't sound much, but believe me, it felt like it!

At this end of the trail the creek disappears in to a narrow sandstone canyon, which has been sculpted into beautiful curves and textures by the flow of water.

Trees cling imposssibly to the canyon walls, adding a delightful touch of colour contrast to the scene before us as Oak Creek winds sinuously into the mysterious slot.

It was hard work getting here, but the view and sense of achievement made it all worthwhile.

After a quick refreshing paddle in the cool water we turned around and began the long march back to our car, with thoughts of a nice meal out at our favourite restaurant to keep us going.

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Image data

Filename - sandstone trees river 04.jpg

Camera - Canon 5D

Lens - 24-105mm zoom @ 28mm

Exposure - 1/4sec @ f16, ISO100

Location - Sedona, Arizona

This image - 800x640px JPEG

Conversion - ACR & PS-CS2

Comments - Tripod, mirror lockup and cable release used to prevent camera movement.